The 5 Ways To Invest $100 In 2020

The 5 Ways To Invest $100 In 2020 : How much you would have made if you would have invested a hundred thousand dollars in Google back when it was just getting started.That’s exactly what David Cheriton did and today his net worth is over 6 billion dollars.That’s probably one of the best investments ever! However, not everyone gets such a chance to become a billionaire, not everyone has an extra hundred grand to throw it at anotherstartup, nonetheless,, there are endless number of opportunities all around. In fact, 1700people just in the US are becoming millionaires every single day.And if you want to be one of them, you gotta start somewhere, but here is the problem.

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The 5 Ways To Invest $100 In 2020

40 percent of Americans can’t even cover unexpected thousand dollar bill, because theyare just living paycheck to paycheck, so most people can’t even pull out a thousand dollarsto invest. But a hundred bucks! easy! almost everyone can afford that. However,it seems like you can’t do much with it, since even for example a single apple stockcosts twice that amount, and I am not even talking about amazon or google. Even index funds are not an option, how muchdo you think a hundred bucks over 40 years with 8 percent returns would amount? Justa little over $ 2100 ($2172). But don’t worry, because there are actuallylegit great ways to invest even as little as a hundred bucks That I have used and willshare with you here in this video. So let’s start with the first one. Start a business.I know that it sounds cliché because to start a business, it seems like you clearly needmuch more than a hundred bucks. But believe or not, there are actually a handfulnumber of businesses you can start with as little as a hundred bucks. the problem isthat, when we think of starting a business, we imagine big businesses and ignore all thesmall ones that are much easier to start.

You can buy a Lawn Mowers for a hundred bucksfor example, and start a side business cutting your neighbor’s grass.In fact, I started this channel with just a hundred bucks. I am not one of those guyswho started watching youtube since its early days but much much later. and I realizedthat most of these Youtubers just share their ideas and experiences, even the most successfulones started with almost nothing. So I said to my self, I have a lot of ideastoo, how about I start sharing them with the world. Let’s see how that goes.I ordered a blue yeti microphone for a little over a hundred bucks and started making videos.

I have to admit that, There were absolutely horrible because I knew almost nothing aboutvideo editing or animations and I didn’t really care much because it was more likea hobby than a real business. But then I slowly started improving the qualityand somehow it started picking up, so I had to hire animators and now it’s like a littlebusiness. You don’t necessarily have to start a youtubechannel, there are endless number of online businesses that do not require a lot of capital.Let’s say you are good at playing a guitar or violin, you can find someone who can helpyou with shooting and editing it for as little as a hundred bucks. Turn it into an online course and sell it online. And the great part about it is that,you don’t even need a website because right now there are multiple great platforms to sell courses for free! And if it turns out to be successful, youcan slowly turn it into a legitimate business.

Business Ideas

You can easily earn back your money and makemuch more. We are lucky to be live in this age, becauseno matter where you are in the world, pretty much everyone has internet. So this is probablya great option for most people. 2. Number 2, Trade some stocks A lot of people keep watching videos or readabout the stock market, hoping to start investing one day. If you haven’t bought a singlestock, the world of the stock market is probably quite ambitious to you.When you actually get in and start, a lot of things start getting clear. Reading and watching videos about the stockmarket is one thing and investing or trading is something else. What seems so obvious intheory isn’t that easy in practice. When you buy a stock and it goes down rightin front of your eyes, you get emotional, your brain stops working and your emotionsget in charge, all that will be in your mind is to minimize losses.That’s when you really learn. The point isn’t to turn that 100 bucks into a thousand, butto experience the market. Because when you are trading with real money,you will be much more careful and cautious. since your money is at stake.

It’s actually fun to look for the right company to throw your money in. You will read aboutmany different companies, analyze their financial statements, figure out if their price is undervaluedor overvalued and then make up your mind if this company worth your money or not.This experience totally worth it even if you lose a hundred bucks. In fact, if you decideto invest a larger amount, you will at least know how the market works. 3. Thirdly, Invest In books I grew up watching my parents live paycheckto paycheck, and struggle financially. And I promised my self that when I grow up, Iam not gonna live like that. But the problem was that, I didn’t knowhow to do that. My parents told me that if I keep getting good grades, I will find agood job when I grow up and I won’t have to worry about money.But at some point, I started reading books outside the school and accidentally came acrossrich dad poor dad and that’s where the magic happened. I was introduced to the world ofmoney and to be honest I was shocked about how little I knew about money even thoughI use it every day. You probably have heard this a million times,but the moment you make that shift in your mentality, your perspective changes, and youwill start making different decisions that will slowly lead you to financial independence. a lot of people watch a video or two hereon youtube and then they think that they are financial gurus. Let me ask you something, how many videos you have watched for the past week, dozensif not hundreds, because youtube is entertainment, you might learn a thing or two, but its notgonna stick like when you read a book, because usually it takes you a couple of days if notweeks to finish a single book and by then these ideas will be embodied in you. Someof my favorite books on this matter are – the millionaire Fastlane, Secrets of the millionairemind, rich dad poor dad and few others.

I will just put them in the description. 4. Number 4, Buy and sell something A lot of people don’t have even basic businessexperience. They are so drained into the system where they haven’t made a single penny outsidetheir job. So, when you tell them to start a business,they keep postponing it because its a strange world for them. But Business is all about selling and mostbusinesses do not even build their products but rather just buy low and sell high. Thegrocery store besides your house for example. They do not produce what they sell. They havea supplier. The process of business is simpler than youthink but quite difficult to implement. The good news is that you don’t have tospend big and open your store to learn that, you can just go to eBay and find somethingthat you can resell to your neighbors for example for a slightly higher price.That experience will improve your social skills, analytical skills and negotiating skills.You might not make a lot of money out by buying and selling with a hundred bucks. However,you will learn much more than you will do with a 4-year degree in business.You will have to analyze the market, who would be your potential consumers, what would bethe appropriate price, how to deal with your clients and on and on.In fact, there are actually people who make a living out of these.But if you think that’s not for you, here is another idea. 5.

Learn a valuable skill,what you can also do is to use that hundred bucks to learn a skill that will earn muchmore later on. This is probably the best option if you are struggling financially or lookingfor a side hustle. You can invest in a social media course, every business is now lookingfor someone who actually understands how these algorithms work. Or you can learn graphic designing, copywriting,web designing. There are endless number of online opportunities. Of course, you can findfree materials, even here on youtube, so why buy a course.Usually, the free stuff isn’t as good as paid courses, they are better organized andafter taking the entire course, you feel like you actually learnt the skill, compare tothe free stuff where you have to keep searching for everything separately. And secondly, once you pay for something,you feel obligated to take that course, because you just spend a hundred bucks. in fact, it will probably motivate to takeaction after taking the course to earn back the money that you spent on the course. Conclusion A hundred bucks isn’t a lot of money, andyou can’t do much with it, so all the options we discussed in this video are more abouteducating yourself. Stepping up your business and analytical skills and getting valuableexperience that will payback in the long run. ButNow, it’s your turn, how or where would you invest your first hundred bucks?Thanks for watching and until next time.

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